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RP Event Tonight! Season 7 is coming!

Praka Berel / Oct 27, 2012
The 26th Fleet moves in for a showdown with rogue Admiral Josiah Toddman as the 'White Whale' plot continues! (Sat Oc 27, 2012, 10pm EST).

A lot more information is starting to filter in about STO's Season 7. A massive effort to help the Romulans establish a new society seems to be the focal point. How will this impact the 26th?

Tier III Starbase - We're closing in! Over the next week we'll be in a position to start that project! Who's looking forward to their Fleet Refit Defiant!!??


Ugh do wish I could be online for that!

My alt tactical can't wait for the fleet refit defiant!

I can't wait for season 7. Bishop is really a diplomat, it was my original intention so I'm hoping he will play a big role with this update.
looking forward to it :)
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