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Fleet Command Change

Kalus Rez / Sep 30, 2012
It is with sadness that I announce Shadow has decided to step down from his position as the 26th Fleet's personnel officer due to time limitations. Boots, as we all know him, has been and continues to be a great member of the fleet. His charisma and enthusiasm are infectious, and his support on the fleet staff will be greatly missed. Thank you for everything you've done, Boots!

This, as know, leaves the personnel officer role open--an extremely vital position on the staff. If you are interested in applying for the position, please send me a PM and we'll go from there.

- PD


Well that stinks. Boots was great too. Wish I had time to fill such a role. I'll always be just an officer, but that's ok.

I'd like to put in a couple recommendations for the following:

- Aunne
- Rhys
- Sianna (spelling on that? Sorry!)

I know anyone in our fleet would do a fantastic job l, but thought I'd mention these folks. I'd mention Scotty, but I think he already got a promotion? If not, add him there too!
It would seem this roll is somewhat cursed...

While it is sad to see someone step back from a position it is warming to know that they are still around and that we still have plenty of other members who can all equally fill these spaces in their own way.

We definately don't have a shortage of good members put it that way!
I would be more than willing to fill this slot. I love dealing with new people.
Kalus Rez
Personnel Officer is hands-down the most intensive slot in fleet command; they're quite possibly the most crucial member of the team.

That said, Scotty will be shifting up into the role as the new PO. Thanks for the interest in it though, Rhys! Get in touch with Scotty when you can and see if he could use the help. :)
...What happened? Loosing shadow from a role he filled wonderfuly was bad enough, but to see him leave the fleet completely is heartbreaking.
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