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Praka Berel / Nov 11, 2012
It is with deep appreciation that we announced today the retirement of Admiral Rez (PlayfulDreamer) as leader of the 26th Fleet. Praka, or Admiral Hunter, will be stepping into his shoes, effective this morning. Taking on the role of Fleet Vice Commander will be our current Personnel Officer, Corris or Scotty as many know him. Please head into our current forums for the details...


We're really excited to announce our new, Fleet Website over at

We're asking everyone to migrate over, please. You'll see we've set a lot of stuff up already, and we've moved a bunch of content. We have a FAQ document for the move as well. Should you have any questions or concerns, just contact Hunter or Corris.

The 26th Fleet continues on with new management, but the same vision in mind - strong, character driven RP in an immersive, Star Trek experience.

Live long and prosper!
Praka Berel / Nov 09, 2012
According to PC Gamer, Season 7 launches early next week!


We have a lot of work to do, because behind the scenes, the Admin team has been prepping some cool stuff to help usher in this exciting new content for STO.

People have been having fun lately, RPing, doing some pew-pew, and ultimately that's the biggest part of what we do here in the 26th - Have fun and tell amazing stories about amazing characters in this universe.

Season 7, or for our purposes, Star Trek: Praetorian - Season 2 is going to continue this trend, and we want to see everyone as engaged as possible.

More news as it happens! Live long and RP!
Praka Berel / Oct 27, 2012
The 26th Fleet moves in for a showdown with rogue Admiral Josiah Toddman as the 'White Whale' plot continues! (Sat Oc 27, 2012, 10pm EST).

A lot more information is starting to filter in about STO's Season 7. A massive effort to help the Romulans establish a new society seems to be the focal point. How will this impact the 26th?

Tier III Starbase - We're closing in! Over the next week we'll be in a position to start that project! Who's looking forward to their Fleet Refit Defiant!!??
Kalus Rez / Sep 30, 2012
It is with sadness that I announce Shadow has decided to step down from his position as the 26th Fleet's personnel officer due to time limitations. Boots, as we all know him, has been and continues to be a great member of the fleet. His charisma and enthusiasm are infectious, and his support on the fleet staff will be greatly missed. Thank you for everything you've done, Boots!

This, as know, leaves the personnel officer role open--an extremely vital position on the staff. If you are interested in applying for the position, please send me a PM and we'll go from there.

- PD
Kalus Rez / Sep 29, 2012
Congratulations to the following members, who have been with the 26th Fleet for a month or more and have therefore earned the rank of Junior Officer:

Ali'riel Jessica Merendas
Aunne Restas
Euphi Kali
Matt Jerrickson
Morgan Korde
Sean White

In addition, these members are hereby awarded the Longevity Ribbon, 2nd Class for their dedicated membership in our fleet. Congratulations to each of you.

- PD
Kalus Rez / Sep 20, 2012
Hello, 26th!

In the last couple of weeks or so, it's been discussed among fleet command that we should add a new position. That said, I'm here to announce the formation of a new fleet command role, that of Tactical Officer. The Tactical Officer, as part of fleet command, will be responsible for coordinating the fleet's military readiness; in a nutshell, the Tactical Officer keeps the 26th Fleet ready to perform STFs and other in-game events that require a little more than just showing up, be it help with statistics and gear or even recommended builds.

With the new slot to fill, we already have someone stepping up. Please join me in congratulation Scotty, the 26th Fleet's first Tactical Officer. Scott has a great wealth of knowledge about STO and how to best prepare for in-game action--just check out his thread full of strategies for the STF missions! He's also a very active and dedicated member and we're pleased to have him, but also to provide for him a role to make use of his great skill. Welcome aboard, Scotty!

As this is his first appointment to fleet command, Scotty is hereby issued a Fleet Command Citation. Congratulations!

- PD
Kalus Rez / Sep 10, 2012
Another round of awards to hand out, this time Longevity Ribbons to those who have made it past their first month as members of the 26th Fleet. The following members are hereby awarded the Longevity Ribbon, 2nd Class:

Sarah "Aliyah"
to-Vensre, Shadowalker

EDIT - I've forgotten a member and I'm deeply sorry. Bishop, congratulations on your first month with us!

A well-deserved congratulations to each of you.

- PD