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#6966873 Nov 11, 2012 at 10:27 AM · Edited over 6 years ago
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Greetings 26th!

It's been a little quiet from the staff lately, but that's because we've been preparing some big announcements and making some preparations for what will become a new direction for the fleet...

Effectively immediately, I am stepping down in my role as CO of the 26th. It has been a fantastic ride these last several months, but this decision comes as a result of my consistent lack of time to devote to the fleet and my duties here, and despite our real-life-first policy, I do not feel as though I have that luxury as the CO. That said, I will remain a member here: Kalus 'the old man' will be retiring to Trill while Cabis will, for the time being, continue on as chief security officer of SB381. Khaiell will be making his return as the Romulan attache to the 26th and director of the embassy coming with Season 7.

Just a little history for those of you who don't know me: I've been a leader in roleplaying and gaming communities for the better part of the last ten years. I got my start in Star Wars forum roleplaying, served as a leader in the Starfleet gaming community, and launched several successful play-by-forum games in everything from the anime and sci-fi genres to steampunk. Most recently, today's 26th Fleet was my second attempt at getting the 26th running (I chalk up the lack of success last time to the lack of features in STO) and to be quite honest, I didn't expect the level of success we have here today; the 26th made it's return just in time for the introduction of Season 6 and since then, our ranks have swelled and the stories of our various characters have marched steadily on in a great way.

The success of the 26th is due in large part to the help I've had. Praka, as my XO, has been on top of everything from the moment her appointment was announced. Her attention to detail, dedication to the fleet, and her persistence have been a great help to me as the fleet transitioned from something new to something lasting. I couldn't have asked for a better right hand so thank you, Praka, for all of your help and effort.

The same can be said about Scotty, who has been quintessential to our success as our personnel officer, but also as a loyal and focused leader who has provided me with fantastic advice when he knew I needed it, but couldn't always ask. His accountability is second to none and that has made him not just a great officer of the fleet, but a good friend. Thanks, Scotty.

So what does this mean for the 26th? It means that after working on a clear plan for transition, Praka has agreed to accept my offer of becoming my replacement as CO of the 26th. Similarly, both Scotty and Praka have agreed to my suggestion that Scotty should become to the new fleet XO. Though I have already gushed about these two, let me be clear that I have nothing but the utmost respect for them and I'm confident that they will continue to lead the 26th as it becomes the preeminent roleplaying fleet in Star Trek Online. Both Praka and Scotty will address the fleet in this thread shortly and make their own announcements about where they will be taking the 26th. I'm very excited for the both of them and cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

That said, I'd like to thank all of 26th for their support and consistent dedication. I created this fleet for you guys and gals, to provide you a place where you could explore and develop your characters in an immersive and drama-free environment. As Praka and Scotty take the reigns, I can assure you that this quasi-mission statement will continue to be the driving force behind the 26th.

I look forward to seeing you all in-game and cannot wait for the future of the 26th Fleet.

- PlayfulDreamer
Commander, 26th Fleet
#6966882 Nov 11, 2012 at 10:29 AM
Vice Commander
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Greetings 26th Fleet,

We are on the cusp of an exciting few weeks for Star Trek Online, but most importantly, it will be a busy time for our Fleet.

First, I'd like to thank PlayfulDreamer (Admiral Kalus Rez) not only for launching this fleet back in the summer, giving us the tools to be successful as a group of roleplayers but for his confidence in asking me to lead the Fleet going forward.

I'm happy to make the committment, and continue to help foster an environment where character-driven RP wins. Leading a fleet of diverse roleplayers and gamers is not easy. I've been involved in leadership positions before, but this will be the first time I've been in the top spot. Though it may not be easy, I can say that it is rewarding, and thanks to the great support from everyone our Fleet can boast a number of successful plot arcs already delivered, excellent foundry missions and a deep sense of Star Trek immersion.

Ultimately, the point of being in a fleet leadership position is to put others first. I need to make sure that we have the right framework of tools to RP with, then step out of the way to let people do what they love. I hope that I've already demonstrated that my approach is to bring people together, not bring them to heel. This guild was formed to be drama-low (Hey... we know it happens!), and focused on character driven RP. There's a place for PvP, STF's, and heck lots of us enjoy that, but ultimately, I want to know more about Svetlana's struggles with the part of her that remains Borg. I want to know if Bishop can rise to his new responsibilities, and if Dr. Sarvok can help our time travellers adjust to their new temporal home. Will Rel'valis ever stop looking over her shoulder, and will Rhys learn how to properly dock a ship? I could go on, and on, but that's the beauty of RPing with so many great story-minded people such as yourselves.

Into this new reality, we're going to complete something that Admiral Rez wanted to do some number of months ago - Move our Fleet website to Enjin. The site has been put together and given a fresh look and feel to help us celebrate several successful months of storytelling RP. Be sure to visit and get access to our new site. We've prepared it as much as possible, and you should shortly feel right at home.

I've prepared a FAQ for the site move. Please give it a read, especially to learn about the reward I'm offering for you moving over.

With the change in leadership comes some trickle-down changes. Taking my former position as Fleet XO/Vice Commander will be Scotty, or Corris Sprint as we know him. ICly, Captain Sprint will be taking over the Fleet XO spot with his focus on the Command of Praetorian station.

We have two key Fleet Admin positions that are open and require some volunteers. The Personnel Officer is our key to consistent and effective recruiting, and we need someone who's friendly, outgoing and wants others to try out our fleet. Our Operations Officer is another post who's primary responsibility is to coordinate the scheduling and running of events in our fleet, and to chair our Story Council. That might seem an easy job in a fleet with so many keen roleplayers who seek each other out anyways, and that's why the Operations Officer also assists with recruitment and other tasks associated to the administration of the fleet.

As we move into our new web home, enjoy the launch of STO Season 7 and thank PlayfulDreamer for everything he's done, let us also get ready for a new Season of Star Trek: Praetorian and the continuing voyages of the 26th Fleet!

Di Oppresso Liber!

RADM J. N. Hunter (@Highwire)
Lt. (jg) Praka Berel
Tactical Flight Operations, Starbase 381
26th Fleet
#6966889 Nov 11, 2012 at 10:30 AM · Edited over 6 years ago
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I have to publicly address both Kalus and Hunter here, so please bear with me.

First and foremost, I need to say a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to Kalus. Kal, we've spoken a lot since Praka and I joined the fleet, I know the struggles you've endured to rebuild the fleet from scratch.

I had the same options that Kalus did, at about the same time. Rebuild a fleet that had once thrived, and then died due to the lack of content produced by Cryptic studios. Kalus and I took very different directions though after that, I chose to quit.

Kalus on the other hand had the intestinal fortitude and the vision to rebuild the 26th Fleet to what it is today, a thriving community of roleplayers dedicated to a low stress playground, quality story-telling and comradery. I gave up leadership of a clan once, when I was younger. I know the gut wrenching, heartache that can come from relinquishing control of something you've put so much time and energy into over the years.

I promise you, before these members- we will carry on the work you began to foster individual stories, and build members up, not tear them down.

To Hunter- thank you, for having the faith in me to make me your XO. I know we won't agree 100% of the time, and we will probably have our knock down drag out fights on occasion- but you are my guild leader. As your XO I promise to do everything in my power to make sure your tenure as Clan Leader is successful, and that your policies are made into reality. My experiences are at your disposal, all you need do is ask.

To the members and recruits of the 26th Fleet-

I promise to work hard on your behalf to ensure that the guild continues to thrive. That members are recognized for their achievements and everyone is given equal opportunity within the fleet. I serve Hunter, but I represent you to the command staff. I have an open door policy; anyone that needs an ear, be it real life or game related, I'm here. If you feel left out and or neglected, then I have failed. Come to me with your concerns, and we'll work together to see them settled as quickly as humanly possible.

I look forward to being of service to my guild mates, and thank you again to Hunter and Kalus for this opportunity.


P.S. Rhys, that new artwork you requested? Check the new gallery =)
C.P.O Charlie Scott
Chief of Operations
Starbase 381

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